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eTY | 3x, 5x, 10x Leveraged US Ten Year Yield Hedge

With the divergence of opinion on whether BTC is positively correlated to inflation, we have developed a synthetic asset that tracks the US Ten Year Treasury Rate (the “Rate”) at a leveraged rate between 3-10x. The asset is minted using ISA under the mint section, of which 100% is locked in the Treasury to earn additional yields. The resulting asset price will move following the Rate. A fee of 0.5% applies at the time of mint, which routes to the Treasury. See our Treasury section to read more about its strengths and long-term objectives. eTY products can be bonded and sold to our Treasury under the Bond page. Both 7 and 14-day vesting periods are available.
Blue symbolizes the positive correlation these assets have to a percentage move in the Rate. Furthermore, the increasing color scale represents the amount of leveraged used and the volatility of the asset. The darker the color, the more volatile. Finally, to ensure there is zero doubt when trading these assets, the leverage capacity is clearly marked. The asset is considered bearish because of the utility it has when rates rise - which is generally bearish for the overall market. Do not let the color immediately fool you