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At its core

Ethereal is a platform for minting synthetic portfolio theory assets and bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance. Ethereal also features an on-demand full scale algo enforced option chain that allows for infinitely complex strategies to be implemented on not only major tokens such as BTC and ETH, but any token with pricing data older than 6 weeks.

You have seen synth platforms before, but what you have not seen is a platform that introduces portfolio theory assets. There is minimal need for another mirrored commodity or stock. Instead, we focus on portfolio theories and introduce assets classes that do not have a comparable - thus introducing Alpha once again into your portfolio.

Want to hedge inflation, trade first and second derivatives of volume flows, hedge a portfolio against debt cycles, or long broad markets sentiments while shorting overall value expansion for a given market sector? With over 50 mintable assets, you will be able to do all of this and more with or without dynamic margin requirements. Want to create iron condors, broken wing butterflies, diagonal spreads on BTC while also hedging your new DeFi token gamble? You will be able to do so using our option chains that use realized volatility and synthetically created extrinsic value to establish pricing.

Ethereal is a one stop shop for exotic assets, derivatives, and gaining TradFi exposure in your crypto portfolio. With our semi-inflationary token ISA, you are able to access all products on our platform while also being able to offload your liquidity trades to our Treasury for a guaranteed return rate - which in turn creates additional support value for the entire ecosystem.

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