At this early stage, many on our team have chosen to temporarily be 'Anon' due solely to their current primary work commitments and responsibilities, which their association with a blockchain project may impact due to the stigma around cryptocurrencies. This 'Anon' strategy will be in place for the initial rollout of our product set - equating to the forward year from launch.

If more clarification is needed, please inquire.


David has managed teams of 50+ in cloud infrastructure and data processing. Experienced in build models and continuity encoded self-scaling neural networks to create portfolio hedges. Managed $10-35M portfolio at self-managed fund with a specifically derivative based scope with premium collecting tendencies (typically 3-year timeline).

Lead Backend:

Our lead backend developer Joshua has been with us since November and has successfully implemented eight of our synthetic portfolio theory assets to date. Joshua has 4+ years of experience in both traditional web development and blockchain projects focused on supply chain, identity, and asset management, along with securitization with front-to-back end integration for various financial information exchanges built with Ethereum contracts.

Lead Front End Designer:

Gabriel, our lead front end designer and educational material producer, has a master's degree in Marketing and PR. He has 15yr+ experience in Marketing and PR in the entertainment industry. Crypto related exposure began in 2017 with active DeFi working relationships with projects with FDV above $150M.


Roshun Patel: Former VP of lending at Genesis. With his deep knowledge of the industry, he has proven to be a key member in determining product roll-outs to ensure a collection that have immediate use-cases in the current market scape. Roshun has also been a figure to introduce additional avenues for talent to further reduce the key-man risk our small team faces as well as introductions to potential future partners that’s will allow ethereal to launch under a broader umbrella of adoption.

Saxon Advisors: Saxon, our incubator, is a boutique investment bank specializing in crypto assets. They have advised 40+ teams on $250M+ of transactions.

Previous Satellite Team:

Previously, 2 backend and 1 web 3 front end were contracted from DaoMakers a collective talent agency based in Brisbane, Australia. With experience in yield, scalable NFTs, lotteries, and decentralized financial products, they have helped derive our bring-to-market strategy for product development to ensure timely deliverables. Their expertise has also helped streamline our user experience to ensure product comprehension by the end-users of our platform. Unfortunately, timelines could not align to continue a second contract at this time. We are looking to add 2 additional devs as a replacement on a contract basis.

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